5 Tips To Keep Your Furry Best Friend Happy and Healthy

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When it comes to pet health, shouldn’t you go the extra mile?  They do keep me happy and make excellent company nevertheless. They’re always there when I need someone to cheer me up, and when I’m happy, I can be sure they’ll be happy with me. Unfortunately, dogs have been known to need somewhat specific care when it comes to their health to keep them functioning at their best. This article will look at the five best ways to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

dog with a stick

Image by Dave Francis from Pixabay 

Give them plenty of water 

Water is essential for dogs because it’s a crucial ingredient in the process of digestion. In addition, dogs need water to help break down food and absorb nutrients, so without adequate hydration, they can become dehydrated or even have organ failure. Ensuring your pet has access to clean, fresh water will keep them healthy and fit for every session of quality time you spend with them.

Lovely warm, and comfortable bed 

A warm bed is essential for dogs because it can help them stay comfortable, which will keep them happy and healthy. Dogs need a place to rest that’s not too cold or hot, so their body temperature remains regulated. You can find the best and most comfortable dog beds at Pawpedics dog beds. Offering your pet a warm, cozy bed might be one of the best ways to show them how much you love and appreciate them.

Keep them motivated

Play games with your dog! It doesn’t matter what game you choose as long as they enjoy it. Physical activity can do wonders when trying to maintain the health of an aging pup, and playing fetch is always fun for both of you! Playing tug-of-war may be good exercise but should only take place if supervised by a professional trainer; otherwise, your best friend could end up becoming aggressive from pent-up energy.

Dogs also love to chew on things! Whether it’s shoes or sticks, they may seem like harmless habits but can lead to expensive medical bills because their teeth get ground down without regular attention from the vet. So if your dog is struggling with bad breath or halitosis (an unpleasant smell that comes out of the mouth), don’t be surprised if he chews his way into trouble to relieve some pain!

Take them to the vet regularly 

A vet visit is essential to your dog’s health because it gives them a chance to get a checkup and make sure nothing serious has gone wrong. Sometimes they’ll even be given medication if needed! This may seem like an unnecessary expense, but there could come a time when you need the services of a veterinarian – without any warning whatsoever. Whether it’s allergies or arthritis, monthly trips can help keep your pet healthier for longer.

Give them the best quality dog food

The most important part of maintaining your dog’s health is giving them nutritious food. Dogs need a diet that includes protein, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber to maintain their weight and have strong muscles. Without these vital nutrients, they could become overweight or even develop diabetes! It might seem like you’re just lovely by feeding him table scraps, but it can do more harm than good if he doesn’t get the right balance of nutrition from his regular dry kibble.


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