Love at Sixty and beyond!

So there I was on the 29th December, at my ‘proper’ job, which I do when I’m not sitting on my sofa with the dog, writing about ‘things’, and pretending THAT is my proper job……

It was that crappy time between Christmas and New Year when you have already spent up and thus have no money to go and get spent up again at the sales.

Though why anyone would be arsed to queue all night for 50% off anything is beyond me.  Honestly, it’s just ‘stuff’ you can probably live without.

Stay in bed with cocoa and a box set, and leave more room on the pavement for someone else.

Anyway, there was a knock on my office door, and there stood a lady and gentleman, who very politely asked if they could book an appointment to look round.

If you remember, I work at a wedding venue as a kind of wedding co-ordinator, come tea maker, if you didn’t remember, then try to keep up.

I work HERE……….nice isn’t it!?     IMG_0101

So, as everyone else was at the sales, and I was a bit bored with my own company I showed them round, and what an enjoyable hour it turned out to be.

Let’s call them, Pam and John. They were not my usual prospective bride and groom but what a lovely story they had to tell.

Both of them were in their 70’s, yes SEVENTY, and had both lost their spouses who had passed away. They met through their respective daughters, and after a few years of living together, John decided he was going to make an honest woman of Pam.

I really warmed to their sincerity about their lost husband and wife, each said how lucky they had been to have already had a long and happy marriage, but were now blessed to have found another special person to share their life with.

I was welling up I can tell you.  Sniff. Tissues.

In a true traditional style John proposed to Pam on Christmas Day. He went down on one creaky knee and presented her with a very impressive sparkly rock, and the lady, she said YES!

Pam really could have passed for a woman more than 10 years younger, she had on a trendy little parka type coat, and some lovely little ankle boots, which any woman half her age would have been happy to be seen in.

John was a small sprightly man, smartly dressed wearing a black polo neck jumper and jacket, with a scarf casually slung round his neck, and had the look of a chap who takes pride in his appearance.

They just complimented each other so well, and genuinely seemed like a perfect couple.

Me? Jealous? Possibly.      Old hands. H60

As we chatted, they had some gentle mocking banter going on between them.

There was a definite twinkle of anticipation in John’s eye, whilst Pam was getting a teeny tiny bit excited as we talked of wedding decorations, and dresses.

It was just lovely to listen to the plans being made and they discussed exactly the same things as any couple half their age planning a wedding.

The date is now set for June this year, so I’m really looking forward to being part of their celebration.

But what do you think about getting married again at 70?

Is there really any point, why not just carry on living together, after all there’s hardly likely to be any children being born out of wedlock?

Perhaps you think it’s never too late to find love and to give marriage another go, no matter how old you are.




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4 thoughts on “Love at Sixty and beyond!

  1. Living together is fine – nothing wrong with it, and I’ve done it myself. But when we got married after 10 years together it DID feel different – better. So I can understand where they’re coming from, although I can’t see me taking the plunge again. Still – never say never! x

    • Yes I think it does make you feel different, more settled possibly, maybe more committed to each other. Everyone has their own individual good reasons for getting married fairly late in life. Love the never say never mantra!

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