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Every buyer is different! You need to approach selling your home in relation to the type of buyer it is going to appeal to. If your property will appeal to young first-time buyers, here are some top tips you should keep in mind…

Firstly, you can’t expect to rush this type of buyer. They are much more likely to take their time when it comes to making a decision. They are going to be somewhat nervous…they are purchasing their first home after all! Be understanding and be patient. Help to put their mind at ease. If this property was your first purchase, explain why it was a good one for you. Let them know why you are moving out, but without shedding a bad light on your current home.

Creating the right atmosphere for your buyers is an excellent way to help your home sell. Music presents a fun and effective way of doing this. Keep it neutral. A bit of Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran should do the trick! It is also worth pointing out that most first-time buyers tend to begin their house hunt at the start of the year. Putting your house on the market in early January is highly advisable.

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Make your house sale stress free

Five fantastic tips to help make your home sell quickly!

Are you in a hurry to sell your property? Here are some key pieces of advice to help you get the deal over the line quicker, especially when first-time buyers are your target…

  • Make the deal more attractive – Offer potential buyers an incentive to want to purchase your property. Perhaps you could offer to pay some or all of the closing fees. Maybe you could provide a transferable home warranty?
  • Use all marketing channels – The more your property is advertised, the better. Use every single channel. This includes both online and offline marketing. From social media websites and property directories, to newspaper adverts and bulletin boards, the sky is the limit.
  • Reasses your asking price – I am not suggesting you simply lower your asking price in order to make it sell quickly. But you do need to make sure it is priced right for the current market? The market may have changed since you had your home valued.
  • Standout from your neighbours – You need to make your property memorable and one of the best ways to do so is to differentiate from all of the neighbouring properties. Why not opt for a custom landscape design? Or you could invest in high-grade windows?
  • Make sure your home is in a condition for people to move in – Last but not least, if someone wanted to move in tomorrow, would your home be ready? If your flooring is shabby, companies like Carpet One can ensure this is rectified quickly. Are all repairs complete? Is there anything else preventing a sale?

 So there you have it: some crucial advice on selling your home to a first-time buyer!

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