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Before I start, let’s clear something up: I do not want to present myself as having a perfect life. The Instagram models that do that are having you on and, in my opinion, add to the negativity. Nobody lives the lives that those people portray, and you should not compare yourselves to them. To borrow one of the hashtag phrases, though, the best thing you can do is ‘live your best life’. I truly believe that focusing on myself rather than others is one of the main reasons I’m happy.

However, this isn’t the only key ingredient in the recipe for success. Here are some of the other things I consciously do to stay happy (at least most of the time).


  • Do the things I love. It’s very easy to get caught up in modern life, but you should not forget that we are here to have a good time. I love to travel, enjoy a range of hobbies old and new, and test myself in many scenarios. Most importantly, though, I make a point of spending time with the people I love. Sometimes that means having some alone time. Either way, doing the things that raise a smile is crucial.


  • Keep my finances in good health. This is something that I’d suggest to everyone. For some people, there may be a need to find a debt consolidation loan. For others, merely keeping an eye on expenses and ensuring that bills are paid on time will suffice. I cannot emphasise the importance of removing this weight of stress from your shoulders. Without control over your financial future, it can feel like you’re suffocating. Without being rich, I know that feeling on top of the finances is highly significant.


  • Be prepared for the worst. Life has a nasty habit of throwing curveballs just when you don’t need them. Like most people, I’ve fallen victim to not being ready in the past. Nowadays, though, I know that having pet insurance and other preventive measures in place is crucial. Aside from the direct benefits gained, the peace of mind is truly telling. Being able to get on with life with confidence is a blessing.


  • Take care of my body. By no means am I a superfit gran. However, I do believe that taking regular walks and doing a little light exercise is important in life. This is a chance to relax while the release of endorphins is great too. The fact that it keeps my body in a better physical condition also enables me to enjoy other aspects of life to the max. It’s not all about exercise, though. Hydration and a regular sleep pattern are equally vital aspects that need to be respected. A healthy body equals a happy person.


  • Have a sense of perspective. Life does serve up a lot of problems and challenges. But not all of them are that serious. I’ve learnt to prioritise things and realise that life doesn’t need to be perfect. If the washing doesn’t get done one night, for example, it isn’t a reason to panic. As long as I’m OK and my loved ones are fine, that’s all I could really ask for. Without ignoring responsibilities, there’s no doubt that putting things into perspective has a big impact.

Do I still have bad days? Of course. Still, these five things all promote greater happiness in my life. I hope they can do the same for you.





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