Top Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

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Whether you’ve recently bought a home or are undergoing a design renovation, the chances are good that you see a few things to change about the space to improve it. If you’re tired of entering your bathroom and groaning about the small size, there are more affordable solutions than taking out entire walls to expand it. Here are the best ways to make your bathroom feel bigger.

Use Bold Wall Patterns

If you want to create the wow factor in your home, graphic patterns of wallpaper along the walls are ways to do so. This bold and dramatic effect is part of a stunning remodel, and it’s also a great way to divert the attention from the size of the room to the magnificence of it!

Clear Out Clutter

Over the years, it’s easy to accumulate “stuff,” from makeup to medications and shampoos. But when was the last time you looked at the expiry dates on meds or considered how long you’ve had the eyeshadows in your makeup case?

Tossing expired items are essential as they could compromise your health; using expired cosmetics, such as foundations over 12 months old, can irritate the skin, and worse. At the same time, you’re helping the bathroom feel bigger as it’s not crammed with items but instead has open space on shelves and the counter area.

Shower Only or Bathtub Too?

Another way to make the room seem more spacious is to include only a shower stall. If there’s already a bathtub, consider taking it out and replacing it for a shower-only area.

This renovation is a significant space saver if you’re able to live without a bathtub or have a second bathroom with a tub and don’t need both. In the space of the tub, you can add a shelving unit to store essentials or simply leave the area open for a look that fits with the minimalist decor trend.

Choose a New Showerhead

It’s incredible how much better you can feel using a showerhead that has great water pressure. While it’s a seemingly small thing, it can help with your plan to step up the room.

In addition to feeling great on the body first thing in the morning, the new showerhead looks shiny and new, helping you create a luxurious feeling in the room. This update is just one of the Wet Room Supplies to consider for your home.

Replace Your Shower Curtain with a Clear One

The last tip is a favorite and one that homeowners often don’t think about often. In a small bathroom, choose a transparent shower curtain rather than one that’s a color or has a pattern.

The reason for this curtain swap is that a clear fabric will enable the light to move through it and, therefore, give the appearance of a sizable place. Now that you can see through the material, you’ll want to make sure that you keep the tiles clean, though!


With some creativity and decluttering, as well as getting new items like quality showerheads, your bathroom can seem more prominent than before. That’s all without having to knock down any walls to get the desired effect.


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