Hello Sixty

Still feeling 30 in my head

My name is Rosie and I’m too young to be in my Sixties!

If I’d been sensible during the last 10 years or so, I’d have found myself a suitable companion who meets the approval of my daughters, and secured my future with a man of means.

Sadly I’m not sensible. Faced with two choices, (or even two men) I’ll always pick the wrong one.

So I find myself alone in my 60’s, with plenty of gentlemen friends, but no significant ‘other’. But this is more through lack of age appropriate, attractive, engaging men, than anything else.

Oh and of course the fact that those same age appropriate men of around sixty are usually seeking very age INappropriate women!

YES I know all about how women in their 60’s become almost invisible.

I have an on going love affair with Spain and I’ve spent many years indecisively travelling backwards and forwards between there and the UK.

YES I know that a single woman can live far more cheaply in Spain than in England, and I’ve spent about as much at the Ryanair excess baggage desk over the years as I did on the plane tickets in the first place.

At first I lived in a caravan on a campo, then upgraded to a succession of rooms with a view. I found myself a toy boy and this scruffy dog as well. I stupidly waved an unnecessary goodbye to the handsome young man, so now I just share my bed with my four legged friend.

But at least he doesn’t snore. Do you live with a man who snores? Just kill him now, it won’t get any better.

Spanish Rescue Dog

My boy Buddy!

I’ve been married and divorced twice, and probably behaved quite badly, quite often. But so what, nobody died!

YES I know all about the grass not being greener on the other side of the picket fence and how your heart can still hurt at sixty, just the same as it did when you were sixteen!

I watch TV soaps but I also read the Sunday Times. I’m a secret hoarder of recipes, which I know I’ll never make.

I love a meander round Selfridges, but I’m also no stranger to a car boot sale.

I’m fascinated by social history, but as an Essex girl, I still love TOWIE.

Don’t you go judging me,.. EVERY woman watches one or other of the soaps, but some go all superior and say ‘Oh I don’t watch them’, as if you will catch germs from the telly or something if you do.

If you find yourself alone, either through choice or circumstance, sometimes you don’t feel like ‘sizzling at sixty’ when it feels like every other woman and her handbag are living it up on a credit card that’s in someone else’s name! It’s bloody hard financing your own life when you’ve got champagne tastes and a lemonade salary.

YES I know all about how to live on a shoestring, this is the place to be if you want to know how to get left overs out of leftovers.

But having said all that, do you really want that ‘living together’ thing? Don’t you secretly prefer living on your own?   I know I do.

Men can be so needy and noisy, specially in the bathroom. They can be smelly and scratchy, moody and messy, and all that could all drive you to more drink than you are already enjoying!

Living with a man means so much adjustment, including your underwear, and if you don’t believe me, read this


If you can also say YES to any or all of the above, then you might also enjoy reading some of the conversations I have on here with myself, and you are most welcome to join in.



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