Are You Single and Ready to Mingle?

When I mentioned my latest crazy ideas to an (available) male friend, I was met with derision wrapped in a pastry case of pitfalls.

And of course, in many ways, he was right, HOWEVER, in the same vein, let’s acknowledge how many times ‘some’ great manuscripts have been rejected before they are critically acclaimed and become bestsellers.

Yes, some crazy ideas just need a little bit of spit and a polish with a Granny’s lacy hanky, and they are good to go. Unlike my friend, let’s not be too quick to judge.  It may be a YES from you dear reader…..

I was pondering the dilemma probably all of us face at one time or another, when you spot an attractive man, or woman, in the supermarket. Maybe you lock eyes and do that thing where you hold their gaze for a couple of seconds longer than necessary, or even, do a double-take. Obviously, that’s reserved for very attractive shoppers only.

If you are really a smitten kitten, you might even casually follow the attractive shopper around the store to judge by the contents of their basket, if they are shopping for a meal deal for one….. or two.

And of course, we mustn’t forget that in these modern times, depending on the contents of your pants and persuasion, do their 10 items or less, indicate the contents of their own pants and persuasion, and basically, are you likely to be compatible. It’s a minefield of genders out there, one cannot be too careful.

But you can follow the attractive person all around the store, via home cooking, and artisan bread and cakes, and sadly it will all still be futile if they are not actually available.  But how will you know….and here’s where my crazy idea came in…..

If there was some visible indicator of a person’s availability status, or their willingness to be approached for a quick chat, and possible exchange of numbers, then things would be a lot simpler.

Picture the scene.  You spot someone at the checkout. You lock eyes more than once, you are checking each other out.  But their queue is moving quicker than yours, and they are heading off far too soon out into the car park, whilst you are still trying to find your loyalty card.  Within seconds, they are lost forever. AND yes, possibly going home to their significant other. But possibly not.

So if you did happen to know that they were free and single, you could abandon your shopping for one, and follow in hot pursuit, ready to strike up a car park conversation.  And who knows what could happen.

I stand by my original idea, that all free and single, and happy to mingle with people, (note my nod to gender fluidness) should have a badge of availability honour.  Like those old Rotarians, but far less classy.

That way, you could be sure you weren’t approaching a man living with a coach load of children, or a lady living with a man. No woman would live with a coach load of men. It would be just plain silly. One is more than enough.

Armed with all this knowledge, you could bag yourself a mini Supermarket Speed date in Sainsbury’s, a Micro Date in Morrisons, or a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in Waitrose.

The possibilities are endless.  So whose up for an availability badge, I’m ordering some sticky back plastic as soon as possible.



Wedding Anniversaries – Perfect Stones for Every Milestone!


Some may say, that by the age of 60+ you have probably got all the jewellery you are ever going to need/want.  But can you ever have too much?

As Valentines Day approaches and ‘much younger’ people turn to the internet to order huge, overpriced bouquet’s, and book vastly expensive restaurant tables, in an attempt to impress their loved ones, what is it that floats the boat of the mature, been together years and still loved up, market?  Is it confined to 14th February? What about those other all-important relationship milestones, such as wedding anniversaries.

Personally, I love the idea of marking a special date with a romantic gesture, such as gifting your loved one with a new necklace or earrings to recognise the importance of a milestone wedding anniversary.

Yes I know, Bernard, c1950 will look pretty daft in a matching set, but you know what I mean. Us women love all things sparkly and there’s a stone for all occasions!

Recently, I was lucky enough to be gifted THE most gorgeous sparkly bracelet for my birthday.  It was such a lovely surprise, and all the more appreciated because it was totally unexpected.  My wrists are fairly small, and my gift was very fine and delicate and is absolutely perfect for me.  It arrived unannounced in a lovely presentation box from CARAT  and is one of the nicest presents I have ever received.


The ruby traditionally marks 40 years of married life and is possibly one of the richest coloured stones for those couples married in their 20’s, and about to celebrate this milestone in their 60’s.

Let’s be honest, reaching the all-important 25 year Silver anniversary is a drop in the ocean of relationships, compared to this one.

There are lots of lovely ruby collections to mark this achievement from CARAT of London which will melt your good lady’s heart, and ladies, it’s definitely one to have on your wishlist.


Now we are talking big figures, 50 years of wedded bliss. Time to really push the boat out and buy something beautiful for your partner.  Many women find chunky bracelets a bit annoying and restricting, so a fine, elegant yet stunningly pretty bracelet will be the perfect answer.  This one will work daytime through to the evening, and will also be the perfect accessory for special occasions.


Well, you’ve well and truly nailed the marriage lark, congratulations!  60 years is a wonderful achievement, and this wedding anniversary should be marked by something special – and I feel that nothing less than a matching set of jewellery will do.  Yes, this milestone calls for something fabulous, such as earrings, a necklace, and bracelet. Especially if you are going to celebrate with a luxury cruise or trip of a lifetime.  What better time to show off your new jewellery collection.

Even if you don’t normally wear many accessories, it’s still nice to have a few little bits tucked away in your drawer to bring out on special occasions.  And for those who really love to rock some stones, these gems really will have you smiling!




Coping With The Loss Of Your Four Legged Friend.

As strange as it might sound, even for those of us that have had children and grandchildren, becoming a “puppy mummy” can be life-changing. There are no creatures that are as loyal and dependent, and as genuine in their affection as dogs. As such, when you lose your four-legged friend, it can knock you for six. The grief that hits can be a lot more potent than you might expect. As such, here are some tips that can help you deal with the unexpected impact of losing a dog.

Source – Pixabay License

Let yourself grieve

It’s a callous person that would say that you don’t have to grieve or feel loss over the death of a beloved pet. They are members of our family, after all. However, when you lose a pet, it can feel like there is that pressure to simply “get over it.” Bottling up your emotions is not healthy, nor is wallowing in despair. It can help to talk to professionals like Pet Eden, which can help you process your emotions healthily, while still giving yourself room to grieve over your beloved pet. You deserve the freedom and space to feel what you’re feeling without judgement from others or from yourself.

Take the time to say goodbye

Once you’ve given yourself the room that you need to grieve and really feel the loss of your pet, then you need to think about how you’re going to say goodbye to them. For a lot of us, finding some way of giving them a formal farewell can really help in expressing our love and our loss. There are services like Paws To Heaven that can help you take care of all the practical aspects of them, like what happens to their physical remains, allowing you to focus more on remembering them. To that end, you might want to consider what kind of memorial you can set up for them, even if it’s something as simple as a photo gallery on your wall.

Thinking about the future

A lot of us who have lost a pet might feel a new hole open in our life after losing a dog that we have been especially fond of. Some people think to “fill” that hole by getting another dog and, indeed, that might be the way to go after some time. However, getting a new dog too quickly can invite some unpleasant feelings, such as a feeling that your new dog doesn’t compare to the one that you lost, or that you can’t cope with looking after them while still feeling sad about the loss. As such, it’s important to give yourself time. When the time does come, consider looking at adopting from shelters like PetRescue instead of buying a new dog.

Saying goodbye to your dog, finding a way to remember them, and giving yourself some room to feel the loss and cope with it is important. You have to allow yourself to go through the grieving stage or else those emotions can bottle up in an unhealthy way.