5 Ways Technology Can Help Streamline Your Busy Life

As you’re well aware, life is busy. Between working, doing chores, travelling and giving yourself the mental space you need, it’s difficult to find time to do other things in your life. Luckily, we live in a world where technology is literally at our fingertips, and that same technology can be used to make more time in your day to do the things you love. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can use technology to free up more of your time.

Help with administrative tasks

You know those repetitive administration tasks that feel like they’re eating up your whole day? Well you can wave goodbye to a lot of them thanks to technology! Programs like Zapier can help automate tasks that would have taken a huge chunk out of your day. Once you’ve set up the input and what you’d like out of it, your huge task will turn into a simple drag and drop and then you’re done! Perhaps you’ll have time to grab coffee after all!

Customer service

Customer service can take a long time, especially if you’re running a business and want to make sure everyone has a positive experience. Luckily AI chatbots can now take over this role. Not only can they answer basic questions on your website, but they can help direct people to the right place, meaning your chances of a sale are even higher. And, you can have them running 24/7, so your business could quite literally be making money in your sleep.


If you’re like many, the accounting part of your day can often be a dreaded one. Thankfully, accounting no longer has to be a headache you have to bear. You can get software that’s designed specifically for your industry to make the process even more streamlined. For example, if you work in construction, you can use construction accounting software to take a huge weight off your shoulders when it comes to more complex financial tasks. Not only will you have one less thing to do, but using software like this also helps make sure that everything is accurate, meaning even less of a headache when it comes to doing your taxes.


If you’ve ever spent any time marketing, you’ll know how much time it can take up. Posting a single post on all of the relevant platforms can take up so much time, so why not automate it? Using tools like Crowdfire to line up your posts, including hashtags and any people you’re tagging, can help shave off loads of time when it comes to posting online. Not only that, you can pre-schedule it too, meaning when you’ve got a free period at work you can line up all of your social media posts and let it do the hard work.

Data Analytics

Finally, every business needs to look at its data from time to time, but analysing it can be a long process. Thanks to automated data analytics, you can now spend less time analysing and more time taking necessary actions to further improve your business.


If you don’t already, consider using technology in your business to help automate and free up some much-needed me-time!

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