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Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely enjoy watching Stephen Fry on the telly. I love his wit, admire his knowledge, and I’m no stranger to a bit of QI.

I also love a gay wedding, a lesbian wedding, any kind of wedding. Let’s face it, in my job, I’ve personally sent my fair share of brides and brides, and, grooms and grooms, down towards the ceremony table to seal the deal.

But I won’t lie to you, the picture of him and his ‘much younger man’ brings  out my ‘oh FFS, you’ve got to be kidding’  side.   Stephen Fry and tweet.

Likewise, my cynical reaction is rather than a two become one tweet I’d venture there will be a one will become two tweet, before the ink is dry on the 11 plus certificate…..

Oooops, no sorry, of course I mean the marriage certificate.

It’s an easy mistake to make, let’s face it, the younger groom looks like he’s still in year 11

The picture shows Stephen Fry gazing proudly at his young beau in quite a ‘fatherly’ way, as if he’s just signed a contract for some high profile football team, when in actual fact he’s just signed a contract for a totally different kind of ball game….let’s hope he takes all the ‘pitch’ invasions like a man….

This is one c’leb gay relationship that really makes me feel queasy, as, unlike Elton and David, it’s such a mismatch of everything, and just looks wrong on so many levels.


A bit like Katie Hopkins, I don’t actually give a toss about what people think of me LIKING her, because I do.

Katie Hopkins picture 3

Regardless of public opinion a lot of things she says are what many other people would like to say, but, unlike her,  don’t have the balls to actually say it.

Before, during and after any of the Celebrity Big Brother episodes, Twitter goes NUTS with Tweets of positivity for her.

Mainly people say they are warming to her, or are surprised to say they like her.

Indeed some are actually worried that they like her and want her to win. As I do.

Isn’t it usually the type of people that she aims her criticism at, who are the ones that take the most offence, and ‘hate’ her?

Maybe that’s because a little tad of truth sometimes hurts,…….if the cap fits wear it…….kind of thing.

On Emma Watson’s ‘side boobs’ Katie remarked ‘”Emma Watson needed to give this look a miss. Her sad side boobs are barely there.  To have a ‘sidey’ – you need a boob in the first place.”

( Yes I’d agree with that, wouldn’t you? )

On Paternity Leave:  “Most men would rather boil their heads in breast milk than take 26 weeks paternity leave. At present 75% of men take one week or less.”

( Yes after the novelty of the birth, showing off the new-born, and wetting the baby’s head, I’d say that’s about right too, wouldn’t you? )

On babies themselves: “Babies may be many things – but they are not good company. Most working mums acknowledge babies are boring, even if they have to keep this a secret from the scowling mob of school gate mums.”

( Bright, communicative new Mums, DO find babies boring, they eat, sleep and poo, and don’t make much conversation. Well you can’t argue with that can you? )

Seriously, if you stop listening to other peoples judgements of her, and watch and listen for yourself, you will find more than one opinion of hers that you agree with, but might, not quite, be brave enough to voice yourself.

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5 thoughts on “MARMITE MOMENTS!

  1. Great read!
    I too read with horror the story of Stephen Fry. I truly hope that happiness has finally found him and that there are happy times ahead. But I doubt it.
    Regarding Ms Hopkins. I don’t read the tabloids so am sheltered from the usual comment. But I watched her on The Apprentice and have seen her interviewed and I didn’t agree with much that she had to say. I’m all for honesty, but I think sometimes she could use a bit of sensitivity. When she first entered the Big Brother house my view didn’t change. But as the days went by and her bluff and bluster mask slipped, we were left to watch a woman who obviously has her own insecurities. And yes, I have found myself warming to her. Do I like that she’s made a career from vitriole? No. But do I think there’s a good person ion there? Absolutely. I don’t want her to win though – that needs to be Cheggers!
    Elle x

    • Thanks Elle, yes I can see what you are saying about the vitriol vibe. She certainly does deliver her words for maximum impact. I love Cheggers as well, and I could see a career revival for him if he did win. Jx

      • Have just seen how many typos I made.
        Note to Elle: Proofread BEFORE hitting that “Post Comment” button
        Yes – I hope Cheggers sees some extra work out of this too.
        E x

  2. The Stephen Fry thing is more a Mrs Merton moment, really. ‘So tell me Elliott, what first attracted you to the millionaire Stephen Fry?’ Doesnt fit at all. Don’t know about Katie Hopkins, as I don’t watch CBB, but she seems to talk a lot of sense – as do you, honey x

    • Oh you are absolutely right about the Mrs Merton moment. But sadly in this case, I think Stephen Fry is already quite a vulnerable person in a depression, woe is me me me kind of way. Once he’s dumped, that could just tip him over the edge.

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