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Yes you can take the wellies out of the bag, but I personally cannot take the bags out of the wellies, as on the one hand (or foot) they leak like hell and really should go to the wellington graveyard.  DSC_0242

But on the other hand (or foot) they are simply the most comfortable things I ever put on my feet.

If it was socially acceptable, I would wear my wellies at work with my black meet n greet dress, and I certainly would have worn them to our Christmas party to save myself the agony of 5 hours with my bunions wedged between two jewel encrusted straps.

Not to mention the fact that to even get that far, I’d had to purchase 3 separate pairs of jewel encrusted ‘strappy’ sandals to try to find ONE pair that could accommodate my bastard bunions.

But one out of three ain’t bad, and I worship at the shrine of  eBay.

My beloved animal print wellies have seen action and lots of it. They have moved house 3 times, and travelled with me to Spain and back twice and oh my days I’ve surely had my money’s worth out of them.

£6.00 at Primarni, and worth every single penny. However, the cost per wear has now worn out and I’m seriously pushing my luck, but what’s a girl to do.  They are like old friends.

Shit covered, leaky old friends, I grant you, but old friends nevertheless.

But I won’t lie to you,, it’s not a good look having two carrier bag handles flapping about your legs, when all those around you on your daily dog walk, including my daughter, are rocking the Hunters and the Joules of the wellie world. I look like the poor relation.

Oh yes I forgot. I AM the poor relation!

Granted, I do try to keep up with the more affluent, by selecting my carrier bags with care. Some days I go upmarket Waitrose,  but mainly you guessed it, I’m woman at Aldi.

DSC_0245But there is hope on the horizon.  I have a new admirer, who has noted that on my daily dog walks, my footwear is sadly lacking and has suggested that as he has ‘connections’ he will treat me to a new pair.

Now this ‘admirer’ and I are really only ever going to be ‘just good friends’ and the lady (me) did protest muchly about the acceptance of a gift of new boots.

BUT, as we are not talking diamonds or pearls, and needs must, I graciously informed him that I am a size 5, to which he replied, ….

‘and do you take a normal size width’………so let’s see what he has to offer……BOOTS, I mean BOOTS………

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  1. Hi,
    I own many pairs of leaky wellies.
    You might say, they’re useless. Yes, they are, if you want to keep your feet dry!
    But I still like and love wearing them. Not during winter season of course 😉
    Do you know the noise from your rainboots, when you got water inside?
    I love that. And I enjoy walking in squishy wellies.


  2. Sorry to see your leaky boots.

    If you’ve noot replaced them yet have you tried large size ‘freezer’ bags rather than carriers? They should be nearer ‘foot-shaped’ so less loose plastic to make your boots too tight, don’t have air holes as most carriers do so stand a better chance of keeping your socks dry and should be about ankle high so invisible in wellies – I guse you’re dodging any kind of puddle anyway!! Slip them on your feet with plenty loose at the toe before pulling your wellies on then your toes don’t poke through and let the wet in!

    If your cought out with only carriers why not push the handles/tops well down in your boots out of sight if it bothers you:-)

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comments and suggestions. Now here’s the good news, I have NEW WELLIES!
      But there is a story behind the new wellies, which I will write about soon. It involves a wealthy, rotund, but very pleasant farmer, and a partridge that sadly was no longer in a pear tree……..please come back and read it. Rxx

  3. Soory but I really don’t do wellies. I have Primarni Ugg boots, Spanish market cheap plastic boots and f**cking expensive leather Christmas present boots. But wellies? Never! Animal prints? Never! But I will defend to the death your right to wear your leaky wellies. And I love, love, love the post. x

  4. In total agreement – if I could, I’d wear my wellies for every occasion!
    I was once gifted a pair of (what I called) ‘festival wellies – multi-coloured and mad as hell – I was incredibly sad when the day came on which they failed!

    • Love that Sue, you sounded like the Mother on ‘Miranda’ with your ‘what I called’ Festival Wellies!
      And of course once you’ve found footwear that is comfortable, you do want it to last forever and ever!
      Thanks for your continued support Sue. Much appreciated. xx

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