I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the thing about car boot sales is you either love them, or hate them.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, which is determined by whatever side of the bartering table you happen to be.

Elephant picture.But Saturday’s little car boot sale jaunt wasn’t about the quality of the shite people were selling, it was just that the whole thing was SUCH a hilarious experience.

Firstly the car park was more like a ‘let’s just leave it here’ park.  No cones, no orange tape, and no fit young men in high viz jackets helpfully lining you up with the bonnets of a hundred other cars.

No this was a lock it and leave it wherever you can.

And so I did.

But what followed was an Essex girl’s dream boot sale.

It had the lot. All forms of animals, a kind of Karaoke, Chips, and Chihuahuas and…Vino Rose’!

Animal print coat

Under a baking hot NOVEMBER sun, and as near to Fireworks Night as makes no difference, there were HUNDREDS of people at this boot sale.  Loads of sellers, loads of buyers.

I just mooched around, picking things up, putting them down, as you do.  But as it was so hot, I soon needed a drink and what happened next was just surreal.

We followed the sounds of someone singing, and ended up at what would have been a pavement café, had there been a pavement.   Market Singer

And there was UDO, perched on a stool with his guitar, crooning away in the sunshine.  Talk about Tribute Act.  He was Johnny Cash one minute and all of the Beatles the next.

Then when he got down with a bit of Petula Clark everyone joined in, singing the same song in several different languages all at the same time.

People were eating their dirty fry ups, washed down with a large glass of Rose.  Wine?  At a BOOT SALE?

What kind of fuckery is this I thought, and then, THEN, people began dancing between the tables. Like jiving and allsorts.

It was like Strictly come Dancing, meets Your Dad’s Shit Dancing.

But at a bloody BOOT SALE.  Honestly, you couldn’t make it up.

I tell you what Essex friends, Marks Tey Boot Sale could learn from this.

Mind you, I can appreciate all those ‘disabled’ people, who only limp on  Wednesdays, might be disadvantaged, but even with just the wine and the karaoke,  I’m sure they’d still reap the benefit….


What a revelation. I can’t wait to go back again next week!   UDO is da man…..

Then just as I thought things couldn’t get any less like an Essex Boot Sale, along came the Chihuahua perched on the bling, and all of a sudden,  I felt right at home. 



Well here we are 6 weeks into my latest Spanish adventure.   IMG_1158

It’s 6th November, and today, I can apparently officially call myself a pensioner.

Bloody Hell, I don’t know weather to laugh, or cry.

And whilst fog brought much of the UK to a virtual standstill this week, Mr Blue Sky is thankfully still rocking and rolling here on the Costa Blanca.

I’ve just returned from taking Buddy on our favourite walk around the golf course, and here is the date stamped proof that there is indeed not a cloud in the sky!

IMG_1172 (2)

Though rather curiously, I am now sitting on my balcony writing this wearing shorts and…….woolly socks.  I can’t remember if I told you I’m now officially a pensioner…….oh yes I did…..that accounts for it then

Do I feel guilty that I’m still in shorts and vest tops, whilst my nearest and dearest are in England wearing trusty leggings and a fleece?  Do I heck!

But as well as enjoying the sunshine, life delivered more than a little surprise when several people colluded behind my back, and all was not what it seemed as I was given my 4th invitation, in as many weeks to a restaurant in our little village called Alquibler.

As much as I was looking forward to catching up with the very lovely Bev and Alex, looking at the same quite limited menu again for the 4th time in 4 weeks was …….well…you know what I’m trying to say and I did have a little moan and a groan in the car, as we were driving down to the restaurant.

However, as I walked in the door, imagine my surprise when there sat my youngest daughter Nic, and her man, and my two Grandsons!

It was SUCH a shock, I had NO idea at all.  IMG_1130

So there was lots of tears and laughter and I was lost for words for all of 5 minutes!

In reality, I’d only seen her 4 weeks before when I left the UK, but it was such a fab surprise.

So I had a lovely few days with them, being treated to some nice meals and being spoilt, but the week went by really quickly and soon it was time for them to go home.

More tears.

BUT, a few days later, my bestest male friend arrived.  That’s the one you’ve known for a million years, but you’ve NEVER been more than just good friends.

He knows me very well, and arrived with plenty of books and magazines, oh and even some perfume!


He battled with cancelled Easyjet flights on Monday, but finally won the travelling war, after a tortuous coach journey in thick fog from Southend to Gatwick, where his delayed 7.00 am flight, finally took off at 1.30pm in the afternoon.

So, with all the food and drink I’ve consumed over the last couple of weeks, now I find my skinny jeans have mysteriously shrunk in the wash, without even having been IN the wash.

I suppose I’ll have to find something else to go with my shawl and Velcro slippers…. 

IMG_1160 (4)