5 Things You Should Talk About Before You Marry Your Partner

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So, you’ve found the one and you’re thinking about getting married but do you know each other as well as you think you do? Many married couples will admit that they married a stranger on their wedding day. It can take a whole lifetime to truly get to know someone.

The better you know your partner, the more equipped you are to handle forever as their spouse. Here are some things all partners should talk about before getting married.

Do You Want Kids?

It’s a topic that most couples talk about before getting married but some people assume they know their partner’s thoughts on the subject. Ask your partner if he sees children in his future and if so, how many. It’s also important to discuss how you would both feel if you couldn’t conceive children naturally.

Would adoption be an option? Would you want to try IVF? Infertility can put a huge amount of stress on a relationship so it’s good to know where you both stand beforehand.

Where Do You Want To Get Married?

You may have decided you want to marry each other but have you discussed where you want to get married? You could have trouble if one of you is thinking of luxurious wedding venues in the city while the other is thinking of an intimate countryside wedding. This could be the first time where you need to make sacrifices on a large scale.

How Do You Imagine Spending Holidays?

This can be a tricky one. Perhaps you both come from families that like to spend the holidays together and now you’ll need to work out how to split your time. How will this look if you have children in the future?

You might agree that when you have children you’ll spend less time with your family and more time creating your own traditions. Or maybe you’ll want to take every opportunity for your children to be with grandparents and cousins. It’s certainly a talking point.

How Will You Arrange Your Finances?

Money can be another huge pressure in a marriage. It’s important to talk about how you see your money once you’re married. For some couples, everything goes in the same pot and each person has equal rights to it. For others, keeping finances separate works better.

Will you use a joint account or not? Who will be responsible for paying which bills? Many couples fall into financial arrangements easily but for others, it’s a big test and a must-have discussion before getting married.

Do You Have Any Secrets?

It’s better to get everything out in the open before you say ‘I do’. For many partners, little secrets make no difference to the relationship and both partners can get married with clean slates. However, big secrets can have a detrimental effect on a marriage.

For instance, have you ever been engaged before? Have you ever cheated throughout our relationship? These are must-know secrets before any relationship can progress to marriage.

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